Do You Have Mary Poppins Syndrome?

Mary Poppins Syndrome?

When it comes to interviewing do you think it’s best to be ‘practically perfect in every way’? If so, then you’re probably suffering from Mary Poppins syndrome. One of the commonly asked interview questions requires candidates to list their strengths or weaknesses. It’s a straight forward question, however most people don’t give it much thought [Read More…]

How To Answer Competency Based Questions


Have you ever walked out of an interview feeling that you failed it or could have said more? Well, you’re not alone. According to the ABS 457,600 people are currently searching for full-time work and chances are that they are probably feeling the same way. Competency based questions are a way for interviewers to assess your [Read More…]

Dress For The Job You Want, Not The One You Have

Revtank Outtakes by MiiiSH

You’re never going to offend anyone if you wear a suit! A client said this to me recently as we exchanged war stories about interviews and how subtle things that might seem innocuous impact the outcome of the interview significantly. Specifically, the client was giving feedback on a candidate that had just interviewed with his [Read More…]

Are You Living In A Bubble?

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If you think you’ve never had a conflict at work, you are living in a bubble. One of the most common interview questions ever asked is to describe a situation where you have had to deal with conflict at work. Of all the questions in the interviewers’ arsenal this is perhaps the one that comes up most. Why [Read More…]

How to Interview and Get the Job You Want


Even accomplished professionals can find interviews unnerving. For many it’s like going into an exam where you are the subject matter. You know you’re going to be quizzed on your skills, experience and personal attributes, but you can never be entirely sure what is going to come up on the day. The key to success [Read More…]