Five Fundamental Recruitment Questions


What Everyone Should Ask Before Hiring When companies are confronted with rising employee turnover the finger of blame is often pointed at the HR department. A recent study showed that 85% of people believed HR are directly responsible for understanding employee commitments and resolving employee related matters, including turnover. In order for organisations to build [Read More…]

Q1. Defining Who, What and Why


Great employees help build great companies, but the foundations for greatness cannot be built without solid recruitment strategies to hire and retain great employees. A company’s recruitment strategy will have considerable impact on organisational growth and success and is the first step towards gaining a competitive advantage. A recruitment strategy is a combination of HR [Read More…]

Q2. Who Decides What, and When?


Today, organisational competitiveness is defined by how the best talent is hired and retained. Finding great employees depends highly on employers’ ability to make good hiring decisions. This takes a significant collaborative effort between hiring managers, human resources and support personnel. The four central stakeholders in the recruitment process include: 1. Hiring Manager The hiring manager [Read More…]

Q3. Sourcing & Selecting Great Employees

panning for gold

Do sourcing and selection methods sound elementary to you? At first glance it probably is, but each step is important in making smart hiring decisions. When designed properly human resources processes can help increase company performance and support organisational growth. A company’s sourcing and selection process helps identify and secure the most suitable candidates compatible [Read More…]

Q4. Improving Productivity & Retention: Starting Out Right


Starting out in a new company can be one of the most positive and exciting events in your career. However, it can also be one of the most stressful. With the fear of not connecting with new colleagues and failing to meet expectations it’s no wonder that many people rank changing jobs with being as [Read More…]

Q5. Evaluating the Recruitment Process


On average 25% of new hires leave their company within the first year of coming on board. If this is happening in your organisation there may be some alarm bells ringing about the effectiveness of your recruitment process. New hire turnover is not rare for organisations today, especially in a highly turbulent and competitive marketplace. [Read More…]

Download Adroit’s Market Reports

Adroit’s comprehensive market reports provide detailed examination of remuneration, employee and market trends within Asia-Pacific. Our employee driven salary guides provide in-depth analyses of employee and remuneration trends across all stages of the product development and commercialisation process within the life sciences and allied technology industries. To access your Market Report, select the preferred year and click on the download link. Your [Read More…]

Recruitment Masterclass


  Employees are the vital component in determining the success of a business. Finding the best people for your business requires determined recruitment strategies, because the best people are often hard to find. With the impact of making a bad hire costing a company between 50% – 250% of the employee’s annual salary, getting your [Read More…]

PAYG Recruiter. It’s about time

PAYG Recruiter - Recruitment done differently

What’s the Catch?  No catch. We believe the standard recruitment model is broken. It’s become a numbers game where relationships between employers and agencies are based placement fees. We’re removing placement fees from the equation, giving employers freedom to choose the best talent in the market at a fair price. PAYG Recruiter is part of the [Read More…]

Executive Search


At Adroit People we are experts at finding the right people for any role you might have. We proactively scour the globe to find the best candidates, not just the best available candidates. We know the commercial impact that hiring can have on your business and we believe that it is better to send you [Read More…]



Organisational restructures are commonplace in today’s business world, and there are many reasons why organisations need to downsize or redeploy staff. Regardless of the reason, redundancy is one of the most personally challenging things a person can go through in their career. At Adroit People we have first hand experience of redundancy and, more than [Read More…]